Saturday, May 16, 2009

The old Katy Perry shoot...

Just yanked this off youtube... my shoot with Katy Perry awhile back. Damnit, she was fun...

oH, Delia's! (part two)

Ok... if the Delia's shoot in LA was fun, the shoot in New York was out of this world (and i never even use that phrase). So insane... we got gorgeous shots, laughed our asses off, ate like kings and lived it up. My assistant Clinger flew out with me (and took some great video too) and we just had a blast. I stayed in my usual hood (west village) and we shot in a park about an hour outside of the city. When Jim & Melissa asked where I wanted to do dinner the night I arrived, I didn't hesitate... Pipa. The great Lelle (aka. "Queen of NYC", aka. "The Argentine Bombshell") first introduced me to the place and I've been salivating at the thought of their calamari for months now. You can't beat New York when it comes to food... Pipa, Tea & Sympathy, some place in Brooklyn (Melissa, where'd we eat those amazing burgers?) and about a thousand other places. It seems like every block has the best restaurant.
Anyway, I could go on & on about this trip but... I think I'll share some photos instead. Going back in about a week... maybe it's time I try out the surf on Long Island?
Clinger throws shakas on planes so hard...
Just off the jet...
my hood...
Tomah & Rebecca: Brooklyn fashionistas
sexy transportation
Mariah gets her hair did...

Avril "peace, now let me read..."
the gang & I...
Mike aka "Minnie me". Kids these days...

Oh man, I'm focused...
Girls just wanna have fun
Chelsea in Chelsea
hmm... interesting pose.
Chelsea, Mel, Nicole... nap time @ Delia's.
Nicole V & Ashley B... straight cheesing.
Ali G, lakeside. 
Ivory, Mariah & I. 
After being landlocked for 3 days... I'll surf anything.

ELLE Magazine

On my last trip to New York I swung by ELLE to see the man, Eddie. Eddie & I did a project for Dior a while back & I have to say, the dude is cooler than a polar bear with an icee. I'm going to start calling him dapper Dan too because he's always flaunting the good threads. There's been a lot of changes @ ELLE since I last shot for them so, it was good to meet the new team there. I started thinking... is everyone at the Mag good looking? Then i caught a glimpse of my reflection in his office and saw that I looked pretty damn good there too. That's when I realized... Eddie has a force field in his office that instantly makes you sexy as soon as you step in the door. God, I need to get that recipe...
Eddie says "If you come into my office, you're going to look good."
The team

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back in the day...

Remember when life was so simple? Just hanging out on the corner with the boys... making fun of each other's Mom's... talking to girls... and of course, breaking into song. The good ole days...

State of Tomorrow...

I recently met Olivia from State of Tomorrow to chat about some upcoming shoots. They've been doing a lot of cool projects in Oz & have now moved to the states. So stoked because It seems like they're doing a bunch of stuff that's right up my alley.  Plus, they have a really cool logo (check out  I don't care how "hip" your company is or how much money you can throw around... if you don't have a good logo, I'm over it. ;) I also have a thing for taking photos of people mid-meeting. I just want to see if they'll kick me out.  How cool are Aussies, by the way? I've yet to meet a bad one. Most of them are good surfers, chill people & super fun. Plus, they can protect you while in the Big Apple... I mean, come on... Mick Dundee? Interesting that they're such good people considering they're all descendants of hardened criminals. Oh, snap!
I kid, I kid!
Olivia being a good sport for my point & shoot.

Spicy Tuna. Sooo spicy...

Keala came thru town for a few days so Roxy, Sarah, KK & myself hit club sushi in Hermosa. soooo good. I'm still a "rookie" when it comes to sushi but, I'm baby stepping my way to full raw fish boy status.
If you're ever in the south bay, check this place out...
Dragon roll pose.
Roxy in her "tiki bar".
The trouble with Saki...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today's fun facts (according to me)

In Every episode of Seinfeld there is a superman somewhere.
52% of Americans drink coffee.
I've had enough coffee today to make up for the remaining 48% (hence this list).
No word in the english language rhymes with month, orange, silver or purple.
Turtles can breathe through their butts.
It's physically impossible to lick your own elbow.
I'm currently laughing at everyone trying to defy the previous fact.

We're all so much smarter now...

From a recent shoot.  Makeup by Roxy.

Monday, May 4, 2009

ABS Style Fall '09

Just shot the ABS Style fall line and everyone's stoked. Landi was amazing as always... I've shot her so many times for so many things & she never misses a beat. 
A few samples of Landi from the Fall shoot
Paige rocked it, per usual. She always comes up with good ideas, communicates it to me quickly & then we still have time to gossip about people. ;)
Paige Yingst & gangsta.
The last shoot we did, Clinger showed up looking very nice but a bit Jacques Cousteau-esque. He got razzed pretty hard for that. Apparently, he hasn't learned his lesson... he showed up this day wearing some pretty intense 'rock star' jeans and, yep... got an earful for his efforts.
Clinger... fashion is about taking risks!
Such a fun day... Life is good, isn't it? Thanks to all involved...
Clinger, Chris, myself & Bummy...  pulling our 'Resrvoir Dogs' look.
This has become my signature jump.
oh... the serious side!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh, Delia's! (summer '09)

Since I'm about to blog about the big 'back to school' Delia's shoot in NY, I thought I should first throw up some stuff from our first shoot together. LOVE shooting Delia's. The models, the crew, everyone involved... such a blast to work with and there's always so much energy on set. 
A little montage from the summer '09 book.
For this summer shoot all of the Delia's crew came out from New York and we shot at the Santa Monica pier & a house in the area. It was a week long shoot that was so fun... I seriously think we all cried when it was wrapped up.
A few of the cover shots...

When you work with people for any real period of time, especially in a creative way, you can't help but feel a sense of 'family'. That's one of the things I love about taking pictures. Yeah, it's about getting the shot (did i just say that? that expression is so lame) but, when you bond & make friends along the way... that's the happiness that stays with you. I know, I know... sappy.
Melissa & I showing the girls how it's done...
And then they show us how it's REALLY done.
Thanks to all involved for making it such a great week...
Ashley: "chelsea, start modeling!" Chelsea: "just take the picture, photo boy!"