Friday, July 31, 2009

Casa De Radness

After showing you the board clutter, I decided to have Christian give us a full tour of the house and offer up some of the daily activities that go on here. Enjoy the tour & welcome to the beach house...
On The front deck, a thumbs up is the standard invite. Here, Christian wears a vintage kitten floral jumper.
Reading is an everyday activity in the living room. Christian dives deep into heavy literature wearing a floral sweater by Classiques Du Sport. Pink pants by Sundance.
This is the western wall in the living room. I keep it blank for shooting. Christian wears a jeweled top designed by himself.
Cooking is important to us at the beach house. We always keep a healthy diet of Watermelon, Coconuts, Banana Pancakes & of course Keystone Light. Here, Christian cooks it up in Vintage O'neill wetsuit.
We're a musical bunch. Here in the living room, Christian plays 'Somewhere over the rainbow' while wearing what God intended.
Always going on surf trips, Christian checks out where we're headed next on the map. Here he wears a banana hammock by Agon Swim with green denim jacket by Speedo.
Here in his bedroom holding his trophy for 'World's Most Awesomest', Christian wears Purple Raybans, Green cut-offs by Old Navy & Mexican hat purchased in Mexico.

Sometimes Christian leaves notes on my door.
And every so often I respond with one of my own.

My Addiction

Walking around my house, I have realized that I have way too many boards. Every room, every hallway, nook & crannie has boards shoved into it. Here's a small photo tour of my house complete with board clutter.
I shall take on no more boards (except for the 3 being shaped for me right now).
The South wall of my bedroom.
My Bedroom floor.
Corner at staircase.
North corner of hallway.
Main Hallway.

You're so beautiful...

... you could be a waitress. You're so beautiful... you could be a part time model.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rain, sleet or snow...

The last Delia's location shoot was deemed, by me, officially insane. Imagine shooting 3 out of 4 days in the rain (yes, outside). We had people holding umbrellas over models and cameras, rain jackets that make you look like one of those CSI guys and lots of soaked thru shoes.  All I can say is... SHIT, how fun? Seriously. And to think that somehow we pulled it off. As time goes on and I shoot Delia's more & more, I realize that something... something quirky will always happen. I'm beginning to wonder if that's why we all have so much fun on these shoots. We're like the Griswold's heading off to Wally World. This shoot was on Long Island at a Naval academy and to add to the quirk factor there were rubber duckies everywhere, a weird lurker dude on set that I dubbed 'Chuck Norris', strange 'noises' coming from the rooms and a hill that we were all dying to roll down. Ahhhh... the adventure continues!
Rain man.
The calm before the storm.
I travel light these days. Polkadot shoes & a back pack. shaka!
The 'loaner' pair of shoes after mine soaked thru.
I loved Alissa's shorts so much that we had an impromptu shoot in the motorhome.
I like to rip a forehand winner on occasion.
The aftermath (Jim, I swear it wasn't me!)

'Where's the shot list? We're ready for battle.'
The girls, the ducks & Clark W. Griswold.
Shooting barefoot in wet grass... best feeling in the world.

BILLABONG rips up Hollywood

The Billabong Design For Humanity event was sooo fun. Roxy, Christian & I had a little delicious tapas in Hollywood, watched a fashion show, drank good wine & did the robot (wait, no... only Christian did the robot). It's always fun when Keala comes in town.
There's something really cool about partying in Hollywood with nothing but fellow surfers. It's like a bunch of Eskimos hanging out in Fiji. Errr, or something like that.
We met a lot of cool people, heard some good music and in the last fifteen minutes Keala & the girls decided to hit the dance floor. I won't go into what happened next...
My Favorite thing about these kind of nights is the drive home. Windows down, music blaring (but, it's that mellow, end of night music), good friends laughing & the occasional glancing at the moon thru the sunroof.
Nights like these remind you that life is indeed quite good... :)
'My meal has been completed. Now I shall dance.'
The Avalon crowd.
Tori Praver has caused me to have love for Maui. But she's the only reason...
Christian does the robot (check the christmas sweater!)
we sesssssy.

Birthday schmirthday...

Most of my friends know that I'm not one to make a big deal out of my birthdays. In fact, I don't even mention it to people anymore. There was a time... many moons ago... when my birthday meant serious partying. There was the time we took over the saddle ranch (oh boy), the venice house/world cafe party, the culver extravaganza... you get the idea. But, once the late twenties started creeping in I was over it. Now it's all about being with my fam & the ones I love... low key.
Anyway, long story short... thanks to Stephanie & Lexi for my lil early B-day surprise! You're both so talented and such good friends. And there's nothing like mixing margaritas & chocolate ice cream cake. with the two of you. :)

The girls