Saturday, July 17, 2010

Go, CC... it's your birthday!

Oh, CC Skye... where to begin?

CC & I met years ago when I shot her first campaign. We had a great time & worked well together, but we hadn't really become friends. It wasn't until recently that we formed a very close bond. I've done many shoots for her now & I've always loved the collaborations we've shared, but now I have a whole new love for her. In the last year we somehow wound up in a circle of friends that share weekly dinners somewhere in Malibu (where CC reigns Queen) or on the west side of town. Our little group is pretty eclectic, all very different, yet somehow we ALWAYS find ourselves laughing the nights away. I've always admired CC for her creative talents & her incredible business savvy. Her uncompromising loyalty as a client is pretty amazing as well. She has started a business with an idea and taken it to such great heights... only to grow more and more in the years to come. ALL of these things are impressive. BUT what I truly adore is the "real" CC... A Malibu girl that has an undeniable warmth about her, a razor sharp wit that can sometimes catch people off guard and a heart of gold. To get to know CC, to REALLY know her... is to love her. Everyone should be so lucky.

I know it's not your birthday quite yet, but since I'll be traveling when it comes around... a very, very happy birthday to you, CC. And congratulations on turning 25 again (wink, wink).

-- zee Barrett