Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A never ending month...

What has caused my lack of blogging? Death? Too much surfing & being lazy? Broken thumbs? Nay, I say. The truth is, the last six weeks have been a whirlwind of amazing happenings. I will dive into each event in greater detail once I am back in my Los Angeles nest, but the basic rundown is...

Two more amazing shoots for Delia's in New York.
"Style Council", my first shoot for Seventeen Magazine.
Wrote my first interview for L.A. Confidential with my favorite musician, Ray LaMontagne.
Prep work for my first fashion editorial for Seventeen Magazine.
Shot the fall fashion editorial for L.A. Confidential, September issue (10 pages! So thrilled!).
Prep work for the B-low The Belt campaign.
Began writing my latest Screenplay.
Portrait of Jeff Rudes (Founder of J. Brand jeans).
Portrait of Cecilia Cassini (10 year old fashion designer).
Early prep work for upcoming editorial for Gotham Magazine.
Another shoot for Elle Magazine.

Details & behind the scenes photos on all to come. Ahhh, Summer... my favorite time of year.