Monday, August 31, 2009

We like to surf the nights away...

Lately the boys & I have been doing lots of night surfing. There's nothing better than surfing in the dark... you can't see shit, there's creepy 'shark vibes' and it's cold. BUT... there's no one out so you get any wave you want, you can hear other surfers hooting at you in the dark and you can catch glimpses of the moons reflection off the face of the waves. Not to mention, I've had a lot on my mind lately & I can't think of a better distraction. This particular night, Stefan, Christian and myself surfed all alone and it was pure bliss. There was a party on the beach right near us and they were blasting music out. Imagine riding perfect waves in the dark with just your friends while listening to Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean'. I can't give away where we do this but, there's a certain town legend by the name of 'Skeletor' that works at the Jack in the box down the road. Jack in the box at 1am... mmmmmmm.
Christian poses as we load up the Knight rider.
Stefan starting to amp up
Mexican hat & a swan sweatshirt is all that's needed for midnight surfing.
I'm ready for 'skeletor'.


I loves me some CC photo shoots & I'm so stoked that she asked me to do another one. I always love the vibe that we go for and i feel like this one was even better than the last. Our model Spencer was amazing, the bags were insane, the jewelry stupendous and the day glorious. I leave you with some sample photos from the shoot. Oh, and a scrumptious behind the scenes video shot & edited by the talented, sexy, fragrant, blond and beautiful Christian a.k.a. Chuck Prestonfieldsteinbanger.


Seven For All Mankind (and womankind?)

We just came off a buttery little shoot for the 7 jeans lookbook. Shot at pier59, both Lexie & Talya from Seven were so awesome and chill... which is really helpful when you're on a four day shoot. Nobody wants to work with a jackass cracka for that long! We shot a ton of looks, listened to lots of Biggie (i even made a special gangsta playlist) and ate like kings. The enchiladas... mmmmm. check some photos out...
me with digi cam. Lexie w/ blackberry, Talya w/laptop and both Lex & Steph on blackberries. welcome to the digital age...
Hobgood loves doing hair.
Our model Anna from Vision. A young Brooke Shields?
Both Talya & Lexie LOVE having their picture taken. 'oh, please, Ashley... take my picture'! That's all I heard everyday.
See? Can you tell how much Lexie wanted her photo taken here?
Tiger... coffee in hand & ready to make her digital magic.
This shoot was all about the hair (wink, wink). Stephanie really approved of this shot.
Our host, Italian Amber w/ her Italian shoes. I mean, she's so obviously Italian.
Just a quick snap of Anna during some down time...
The bummer about this shot is that you can't see her heels. And yes... you're missing out.
The highlight of the week was when Hobgood proposed to Robyn. What a moment captured on film.
Awww... the happy couple.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Demi Lovato shoot...

I shot Demi recently for WWD and just found some of the behind the scenes photos... cha, cha, check it...
I like shooting big names with little cameras
Demi was a pro...
we model & we model hard.

Delia's Holiday

Puppies, Christmas trees, snow, lots of laughs and maybe even a tricycle... I mean, who wouldn't want this kind of Holiday??
I busted out the old checkered ones on this last NY trip.
Hard at work
so serious...
This will be Jim & I's X-mas card.
This is just odd.
Ali G making odd look cool...
shot with my new funky toy...
flower child
Love my Gal Pal.
Gi-Gi-Gi-Gi, G-Unit!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Travel is fun...

... But, there's no place like home...

"Sitting in a park in Paris, France
Reading the news and it sure looks bad
They won't give peace a chance
That was just a dream some of us had
Still a lot of lands to see
But I wouldn't want to stay here
It's too old and cold and settled in it's ways here

Oh, but California
California I'm coming home
I'm going to see the folks I dig
I'll even kiss a Sunset pig
California I'm coming home

I met a redneck on a Grecian isle
Who did the goat dance very well
He gave me back my smile
But he kept my camera to sell
Oh the rogue, the red red rogue
He cooked good omelettes and stews
And I might have stayed on with him there
But my heart cried out for you, California
Oh California I'm coming home
Oh make me feel good rock'n roll band
I'm your biggest fan
California, I'm coming home

Oh it gets so lonely
When you're walking
And the streets are full of strangers
All the news of home you read
Just gives you the blues
Just gives you the blues

So I bought me a ticket
I caught a plane to Spain
Went to a party down a red dirt road
There were lots of pretty people there
Reading Rolling Stone, reading Vogue
They said, "How long can you hang around?"
I said "a week, maybe two,
Just until my skin turns brown
Then I'm going home to California"
California I'm coming home
Oh will you take me as I am
Strung out on another man 
California I'm coming home. "  -  Joni Mitchell
Taken a few months ago at the beach near my house.